I might be the one pampering you

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But you will be the one feeling confident enough to strut your stuff down the street. 

Because when you feel comfortable in your own skin, everything is possible. Especially the things that you once thought were out of reach. 

I might be the one pampering you

But you will be the one feeling confident enough to strut your stuff down the street. 

Because when you feel comfortable in your own skin, everything is possible. Especially the things that you once thought were out of reach. 

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When you wake up on a Monday morning and giggle with excitement at your reflection in the mirror for the first time in years, you’re going to throw that old ball cap you used to hide behind away and chuck that irritating eyebrow pencil in the trash.  

Because you’ll finally feel like you did when no one else’s opinion mattered — beautiful and radiant in your own skin.

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P.S. you're next

Because minimal effort beauty creates more me-time.

With my “I want to make you feel beautiful in your own unique way” approach, I consider what services would save you the most time in the morning while also making you feel the most secure, so that you can spend more time doing the things you love while loving the skin you are in.

I consider all the things that make you, you and tailor your experience to address your needs — like your lifestyle, your insecurities, your schedule, your natural features, your amount of down time, your goals — and make it my personal mission to ensure that you fall in love with the process of prioritizing yourself and your wants. 

So why Permanent Makeup?

Don't let the champagne fool you. I love a good red wine!

Skincare is just as much about the more in-depth maintenance of your skin as it is about your daily routines. And who can really turn away a facial when you come away feeling and looking youthful and confident. 

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Esthetics + Skincare

starting at $50

Beauty in HD offers the following esthetic services: 

  • Express Facial — $80                                                                                                          
This 30 minute facial is perfect for when you have limited time in the day and need a quick pick me up. Includes a double cleanse, exfoliation/ dermaplane, moisturizer, SPF and a lasting dash of lip gloss.

  • Basic OxyGeneo Facial — $125

This 45 minute service is what I call the radiant holy grail. It’s a massage for your face. Includes a double cleanse, 3-step Geneo-facial (exfoliate, infuse, massage), moisturizer, SPF and a finishing touch of lip gloss.

  • Signature OxyGeneo Facial — $135

This 60 minutes of bliss will leave you feeling like a new woman. Includes a double cleanse, 3 step Geneo facial (exfoliate, infuse, massage), dermaplaning or light therapy, moisturizer, SPF and a coat of lip gloss.

  • Platinum OxyGeneo Facial — $150

This 90 minutes of heaven will leave you in a cathartic state. Includes a double cleanse, 3-step Geneo-facial (exfoliate, infuse, massage), dermaplaning and light therapy, moisturizer, SPF and (my favorite) lip gloss.

  • Lash Lift + Tint — $100

This semi-permanent lifting solution and eyelash tint help keep lashes curled and darkened for up to 6 weeks. It can only be booked every 8 weeks but it’ll have you receiving compliments the entire time.

                                       let's work together

Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic technique, utilizing permanent pigmentation of the dermis(skin) to produce artwork that resembles makeup, such as eyeliner, lipstick, and filled-in eyebrows. The goal of PMU (Permanent MakeUp) is to enhance your natural beauty without changing your unique features that make you, you.

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Permanent MakeUp

starting at $500

Beauty in HD offers the following PMU services: 

                                      let's work together

  • Brows (Microblading, Nano Strokes, Powder Brows, and Combo Brows) + Eye Liner

  • Microblading / Nano Strokes — $500

This artwork creates the illusion of thicker brow hair with a natural-looking finish. It is best for youthful and normal to dry skin types with moderate to heavy brow hair.
  • Powder Brows — $500

This artwork creates the illusion of a shadow below the brow hair that looks like powdered brow makeup when healed. It is best on all skin types, specifically on oily or aging skin. 
  • Comb / Blade + Shade — $550

This artwork creates the illusion of natural brow hair strokes and a shadow, powdered look below the brow. By placing stroke-defining hairs towards the center of the brow, you get a gradually thicker look with a textured 3D effect. This is best for those looking for a fuller brow, those with a deficit of hair within the brow, or those with balding patterns. 

  • Eye Liner 

* We are not currently taking new clientele for eyeliner. Please check back soon!

                                      let's work together

Sometimes you need a little extra somethin’ just because. 

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starting at $25

Beauty in HD offers the following add on services: 

  • Brow Shaping — $25

  • Brow Tint + Shape — $50

  • Hydro Jelly Masks — $25

  • Light Therapy — $2/Minute

Some inspiring before + afters

What to expect after PMU procedure

day 1-2

day 3-4

day 5-7

day 7-10

week 3-6

She's Flawless

Artwork is perfectly placed, and might have a little bit of oozing, swelling, or pin point bleeding.

She’s toned

Artwork is a tone or two darker, and surrounding skin may be red, itchy, tight, or irritated. DO NOT scratch or rub the artwork.

She’s Blossoming

Artwork begins to shed. DO NOT peel off shedding. The artwork is at its most vulnerable and is healing on the subsurface level during this time.

She’s Golden

Artwork is 65% lighter than your initial artwork and has a milky shadow over it. This is how the skin heals and accepts pigment as Permanent makeup heals from bottom up.

She’s a Beauty

Artwork continues to build to the surface level. *Due to the pathology of skin, it’s common that most people will need a minimum of 2 procedures (possibly more) to obtain the definition and tone they desire. 

"Heather is my go-to person when it comes to my skin"

"I go to her with questions about products and procedures as well as her recommendations for treatments. What I value most is her honest opinion. Heather doesn't push products or procedures I simply won't benefit from. She will also provide honest advice and opinions on products and procedures I want to try. I trust her as my go-to for all things skin-related."

- Ginger W.

With me, you’ll always be the priority.

(Because I want you to feel seen and heard.)

I take the time to get to know you and your concerns enough to be able to help you take-back control of your skin and feel confident about yourself.

Your experience will be expertly tailored to you and your needs so that you get the results that you desire and can maintain with your lifestyle and schedule. 

You have my full support throughout the entire process — from consultation to regular yearly touch up appointments. I’m your fiercest advocate and biggest cheerleader.

Let’s rediscover the confident woman you are. It’s time you feel good about yourself. Don’t you think?

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